Home Decor Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2020

With everyone staying in the house during this global pandemic, it is probably the right time for you to change and do some home upgrades after several years of sticking to the old paint, old appliances, and old-style interior. Refresh your home with new paint and new materials as this, in turn, provides several benefits to you, your convenience, and your house itself. Also, who knows, you would probably think of reselling your house and the upgrade that you do now will serve you better in the home seller inspection in the future.

We know that changing the appliance and furniture can be a bit expensive so what we have now with you are the pretty and trendy decors that you can have in your house. They are way cheaper than renovating completely your entire home.

1.Navy blue

For 2020, the color of the year is the navy blue, as this is very sophisticated yet versatile. According to the experts and interior designers, the color represents both the modern and traditional homes thus making it versatile in every texture and style it is put on. It can be put on different rooms such as the kitchen, living rooms, and personal bedrooms. Its shade gives that stately look without making the room completely black.

2.Vintage designs

Vintage designs have come again into the interior design favorites. According to experts, more and more interior designers are opting for vintage accents with traditional detailing such as spooled legs, spindles, and other styles that you get to see from the 1800s to the 1900s. However, since as emphasized, the interior design could be pretty when you put vintage accents and not turn the entire home into a vintage one. This means that incorporating two to three statements pieces is already enough.

3.High-contrasting accents and decors

For the past years, a lot of homeowners have liked to incorporate white materials and paint as this looks sophisticated and modern to the eyes. This year comes to a new trend in colors: still white is present but with a twist of black, creating contrasts to the colors they give off. For instance, you can have light-colored hardware with stained wood, or white fabric with a dark frame.

4.Patina accents

With the awareness of how to connect more in nature, patina accents are becoming more and more preferred in interior design. In addition to vintage accents, you can also incorporate color trends such as terracotta and clay, as well as ceramics and earthenware.

5.Floral wallpaper

This style of wallpapers has already been a thing in the past years, and floral design can be sophisticated and modern enough to still be incorporated into today’s interior designing. One can have large-scaled floral styles in the metallic version. In addition, some experts say that they are ideal not just for bedrooms but also for kitchen and powdered bathrooms.

There is still a lot to share when it comes to the newest trends we have now in interior design. These include canopy beds, non-white kitchens, and many more. We do hope we give you some insights on how to transform your home into an interesting one.