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Battlekings - 1970's


Matchbox Collectibles 1/72 - CDC Armour Recasts, 1998


24.82 KB 
400 x 300 
Sherman DYM37579

25.84 KB 
400 x 300 
Panzer F1 DYM37580

27.40 KB 
400 x 300 
Panther A DYM37581

28.18 KB 
400 x 300 
Wirbelwind DYM37582

26.72 KB 
400 x 300 
T34/76 DYM37583

27.72 KB 
400 x 300 
Churchill DYM37584

27.72 KB 
400 x 300 
Sherman DYM37585


25.51 KB 
400 x 300 
Panzer H/J DYM 37586

These 1/72 tanks were produced in 1998/1979 and have incredible detail under the Matchbox name, and are truly collectors quality. The one exception is the Churchill. Although it is a nice tank, it seems to lack the detail of the others in the series. Still, it is worth having, even if just to round out the set. The complete set can also be found in the

2000 Matchbox Collectibles catalog.

This series of Matchbox collectibles appears to have it's roots in the CDC Armour line of 1997. Six of the eight tanks appear to be the same as those produced by CDC Armour. Only the T34 and Churchill do not appear to be from this line. Please refer to the table below.

The base of the tanks has Matchbox/Dinky in white ink. The box is light colored with a yellow print. The series is billed as the "great tanks of the world" series.

Prices are variable and are going up as supply goes down. The Panther A appears be in particularly short supply and can go for $30-$60+.

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Matchbox Collectibles 1/72 CDC Armour Recasts- Round 2, 2003

Matchbox collectibles re-release - Sherman 1:72 Matchbox Collectibles re-release - panther 1:72 A couple of examples - no big pics, I am short on disk space :-)

January, 2003: Matchbox has just re-released six of the 1:72 tanks made from the CDC Armour molds. These tanks are featured in a box with a clear window, on a "diorama" depicting a WWII scene. The re-released models include the two Shermans (37579, 37585), the gray Panzer IV (37580), The Churchill (37584), the T34 (37583), and the Panther (37581).

Mid-February, 2003. The models have been released and are now widely available. Diecast direct has them for $16.95, or buy them as a set for $75.00 ($12.50 each). A friend of mine reports seeing them in Target for $12.00. Meanwhile, I have seen them on eBay for $19.99. It pays to be an informed buyer!

How do I tell them apart? Based on what I have seen so far, there are two ways to differentiate between the 1998 release and the 2003 releases.

1) The 2003 release will have two holes in the base of the tank. These holes are where the screws hold the tank to the inclined diorama base.

2) The 1998 releases have a model number in white print on the base, for example DYM37583. The 2003 releases do not have the model number.

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2004 - Round 3

47.61 KB
2004 Matchbox Collectibles Box

41.83 KB
2004 Matchbox Collectibles Box

34.57 KB 

37.65 KB

27.62 KB
Sherman M4A3 75mm

31.50 KB
Sherman M4A3 75mm

24.16 KB
Sherman M4A3 75mm

28.27 KB
Sherman M4A3 75mm

26.03 KB
Called a Sherman M4A3 76mm,
actually a M4A2 76mm

25.25 KB
Called a Sherman M4A3 76mm,
actually a M4A2 76mm

24.29 KB
Called a Sherman M4A3 76mm,
actually a M4A2 76mm

25.61 KB
Called a Sherman M4A3 76mm,
actually a M4A2 76mm

In 2004, Matchbox re-released two more CDC armour castings. The M4A3 75 mm and the "M4A3 76mm". The M4A3 75 mm is a recast of CDC Armours Art.3138. A closer examination of the "M4A3 76mm" reveals that it is actually a recast of a CDC Armour M4A2 76mm, with sandbags and an extra wheel, most likely CDC's Art. 3132!

The Great news is that 1) both versions sport wonderful paintjobs, and 2) These are really good, high quality, diecast tanks. The bad news is that they are packaged in CHEAP packaging. Unlike release two, these are not in a diorama case. The plastic 'case' is merely a flimsy clear plastic which does not permanently attach to the base.

Overall, GREAT models!!!


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Matchbox/CDC recasts: Listing


Model Number


CDC Armour Equivalent

Re-released by Matchbox in 2003 2003 Re-release Number Re-released by Matchbox in 2004 2004 Re-release Number
Sherman 76 mm DYM37579 Dark Green Art. 3132 YES 91738 NO na
Pkfw IV type F1 DYM37580 Dark Gray Art. 3101 YES 91739 NO na
Panther Ausf A DYM37581 Tan, brown stripes Art. 3160 YES 91741 NO na
Wirbelwind Flak PZ IV DYM37582 Tan, green/brown stripes Art. 3201 NO na NO na
T34/76 DYM37583 Green/brown camo none YES 91742 NO na
Churchill MK VII DYM37584 Green none YES 91743 NO na
Sherman, 105 mm DYM37585 Tan and green camo Art. 3135 YES 91744 NO na
Panzer IV H/J DYM37586 Tan, brown stripes Art. 3214 NO na NO na
Sherman M4A3 75mm not released new paint: green w/ tan spots Art. 3138 NO na YES B6944
Sherman M4A2 76mm Matchbox calls it an M4A3 not released new paint: green w/ black camo, added sandbags ART.3132 NOT a remake of ART. 3138! NO na YES B6945

Click HERE to go to the 2000 Matchbox Collectibles catalog

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Matchbox Collectibles 50th Anniversary Edition - 2001/2002



M60A3, 1:113??


M1A1 Abrams, 1:113

Sherman with camo, 2001, 1:92

Sherman w/ camo, 1:92

21.98 KB
Collectibles 50th
35.58 KB
50th Anniversary
Rear of Card

Matchbox also made an additional series of Matchbox collectibles in 2001(??), including an M1A1, and M60A3 and an M4A3 Sherman. The Sherman and M60A3 are very well detailed, the M1A1 less so.

There are some other differences from previous releases, beyond just paint and extra details (spare tracks, machine guns, antenna, etc.). For example, although the Sherman uses the same top casting as previous releases, it also has a cast metal base. The previous releases have a plastic base. This gives the tanks a nice heavy feel. Also, previous releases of the Sherman and M1A1 sported wheels in the undercarriage (allowing them to roll), the collectible version does not.

When were these models released? Well, the base of the tanks is copyrighted 2001. The boxes were copyrighted 2001, with a 2002 fifty year anniversary logo! Take your pick!

Matchbox Collectibles 50th Anniversary Description
M1A1 Abrams - Tan Desert Tan
M3A2 Halftrack Oliver Green
Jeep Willys with trailer Olive Green
M4A3 Sherman - Camo Green w/ white camo stripes
M60A3 - Tan Desert Tan
Transporter Desert Tan

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Matchbox Collectibles Steel Soldiers - 2000/2001

22.89 KB
Sherman w/ camo, 1:92
Steel Soldiers edition

28.95 KB
Steel Soldiers edition
21.25 KB
Steel Soldiers edition
20.72 KB
Steel Soldiers edition
21.80 KB
Steel Soldiers Box

24.45 KB
Steel Soldiers
Rear of Card

Steel Soldiers (copyright 2000) featured six models with high grade paint and accessories. The Sherman, M1A1 and the halftrack are the are as released in the 50th anniversary collection (see preceding section). The Bradley has a different paint scheme than released previously (see Premiere Collections - below) as well as antenna. The troop carrier sports a nice camo paint job, and the LVTP7A1 new addition.

Matchbox Collectibles Steel Soldiers Description
M1A1 Abrams - Tan Desert Tan
M3A2 Halftrack Olive Green
LVTP7A1 APC Desert Tan
M4A3 Sherman - Camo Green w/ white Camo stripes
M2 Bradley Brown w/ green/black/white camo stripes
M34 2 1/2 ton truck Olive Green

Matchbox Collectibles Premiere Military 1998/1999

Matchbox Collectibles Premiere
Military, 1:92
38.61 KB
A comparison of the
Premier box (left) and the
Collectibles Premier box
shown to the right
27.15 KB
Collectibles Premiere Military
Rear of card

The Matchbox Collectibles Premiere Military collection is copyrighted 1998 and consists of Six vehicle listed below. It is easy to confuse with the "Premiere Military" collection (see below) which appears to be a subset of the "Collectibles Premiere Military" collection

Matchbox Collectibles Premiere Military Description
Humvee Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
Bradley M2 Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
M1A1 Abrams Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
Air Force Transport Dark blue(?))
Sherman Green w/ tan camo stripes
Chevy Tahoe MP Olive green

Matchbox Premiere Military 1998/1999

The "Premiere" military collection is copyrighted 1998, and features four vehicles, according to the card. If so, they appear to be a subset of the Matchbox Collectibles Premiere Military collection (see above). I have seen, however, reference to other Premiere vehicles: an Air Force Flight Crew Transport and a Sherman tank.....which would make it the same vehicles as the Matchbox Collectibles Premiere Military collection, just different packaging.

These vehicles feature an upgraded paint job as compared to the previous releases of the same models.

Matchbox Premium M1A1 1994, 1:113
Matchbox Premiere
27.51 KB
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Matchbox Premiere, 1:98
33.54 KB
Premiere, rear of card

Vehicles in the collection include:

Matchbox Premiere Collection Description
Humvee Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
Bradley M2 Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
M1A1 Abrams Green w/ brown and black camo stripes
Chevy Tahoe MP Olive green

Other Matchbox Military

Matchbox has produced other tanks and military vehicles throughout the ages.

2003 Heroes Collection

Matchbox has also released the Heroes collection for 2003. The collection consists of an M1A2 Abrams, Chevrolet Blazer, Bradley M3 fighting vehicle, LVTP7A1 Amphibious personnel carrier, Willys Jeep, Armored response vehicle, Missile launcher, and Radar truck.

38.00 KB
Matchbox Heroes
M1A2 1:113
32.20 KB
Two versions of the LVTP7A1
The 'Heroes" version is
On the Left side.

38.66 KB
Matchbox Heroes
 Response Vehicle

35.16 KB
Matchbox Heroes
Radar Vehicle

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"Standard" Matchbox Releases

Through out the years, the same vehicles have been released, often with varying paint jobs, and with different numbers. Below, I have tabulated the release from 1999. This (and 2000)seems to be the most complete releases of military vehicles, and also seem to be what is most available in the aftermarket.


Matchbox M1A1 Gray 1994 1:113
M1A1, 1994?, 1:113
Matchbox M1A1  green 1994 1:113
M1A1, 1994?, 1:113
Matchbox Sherman M4, 1:92, 1998/1999, #85
Sherman, #85
Mtachbox "muddy" Sherman M4,  1:92, 1998/2000, #51
"Muddy" Sherman #51
32.20 KB
Two versions of the Amphibious
Personnel Carrier. The Heroes
version on the left, #55 on the right
47.33 KB
Two version of the Hummer,
#3 and #48
12.89 KB
Rough & Ready
No. 47

12.39 KB
Military Patrol
No. 83
24.24 KB
No. 77
1999 Matchbox 100 collection  
Series 11 Number
Yellow Missile Launcher #52
Yellow Humvee #53
Green Ford Expedition MP #54
Green Amphibious Personnel Carrier #55
Series 15 Number
Green Humvee #81
Green Missile Launcher #82
Green M2 Bradley AFV #83
Green M1A1 Abrams Tank #84
Sherman M4A3, Gray #85



Below is an partial cross reference for the military models from 1995...more as I find them....

Type 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2003 unknown
M1A1Abrams #54, Beige and Brown #54, Olive Green     #84, green        
Sherman         #85, Green/muddy #51      
Bradley     #47 #47 #83       #54
Missile Launcher       #82 #52, Tan; #82, green #52      
Humvee   #3 #48 #48 #53, Tan #53 #48 #32  
Weasel Tank                 #77, #73
Ford Expedition MP         #54, Green #54      
Amphibious Personnel Carrier         #55, Green #55      


Matchbox 5 packs


36.33 KB


40.89 KB
five pack

57.94 KB
Sherman in package

30.32 KB
Sherman - unpackaged

31.25 KB

27.62 KB

Occasionally Matchbox released military 5 packs. Pictured above are the 1994 set (no tanks) and the 2005 set.

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Battle Kings 2006


289.24 KB
Battle Kings Jungle Recon

113.59 KB
Battle Kings Night Landing

114.02 KB
Battle Kings Polar Rescue
MatchNewBattleKin2 (1).jpg

297.31 KB
Battle Kings Sahara Strike


Branded as Battle Kings, these are (disappointingly) just retreads of the current models. The feature:

Night Landing: Dark livery; Helicopter, LVPT, Hovercraft?, Artillery piece, 3 soldiers
Sahara Strike: Desert livery; Abrams. Bradley, MRLV, Artillery piece, 3 soldiers
Jungle Recon: Green Livery: Swamp boat, Truck, M1 Abrams, Artillery piece, 3 soldiers (Abrams in the Jungle???)
Polar Rescue: Winter livery; Helicopter, Radar truck, Hummer, Artillery piece, 3 soldiers

Older Vintage Matchbox

Commando Series - 1989

From 1982-1992 Matchbox was owned by Universal Toys. Universal purchased Matchbox when it went into receivership. Soon after the purchase, most of the manufacturing was moved to Macau.

This period saw only one military release. The Commando series was released in 1989. It was comprised of approximately 24 vehicles, many of which were civilian vehicles painted in the Commando paint schemes. These were meant to represent a military convoy. The paint scheme was black with some yellow and gray camo blotches ("Dagger Force") or olive green with brown camo ("Strike Team"). Of the 24 models released, the actual military models (not civilian repaints) consisted of a jeep, a covered truck, a couple of jets, 2 versions of the Weasel, 2 versions of a self propelled gun, and a re-release of the swamp rat (bayou boat with an armed figure).

Of those, the self propelled gun and the Weasel are the most hardcore military models of the set.


304.97 KB
Matchbox Commando

300.07 KB
Matchbox Commando Rear

343.64 KB
Matchbox Commando

343.06 KB
Matchbox Commando
comparison to Superfast


Battlekings - 1970's

BattleKings Sherman circa 1974, K-101

Sherman #K-101

King Tiger #K-104

BattleKings Self Propelled Howitzer, 155 mm circa 1974, #K-107

Howitzer #K-107

24.28 KB
M48 A2

BattleKings Halftrack M3A1, circa 1974, K-108

Halftrack #K-108

28.98 KB
Missile Launcher #K-111

From the 1979 Catalog


Matchbox Battlekings were produced in the 1970's. A wide variety of styles and color schemes were made. I have pictures models I own here as well as scans from the 1979 Matchbox catalog. Please go to

Battle Kings (Lewis E. Miller's Matchbox Collection) for MUCH more information!


Type Number Type Number
Sherman K-101 Recovery Vehicle K-110
M48 K-102 Missile Launcher K-111
Chieftain K-103 Ambulance K-112
King Tiger K-104 Crane K-113
Hover Raider K-105 Aircraft Transporter K-114
Tank Transporter & Tank K-106 Petroleum Tanker K-115
155mm Gun K-107 Artillery truck and field gun K-116
Half Track K-108 Self Propelled HAWK missile launcher K-117
Sheridan K-109 Helicopter K-118

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Other 1970's

24.23 KB
Superfast Release
24.07 KB
Rolamatics Release

Pre 1970's


99.25 KB
Lesney Military Set

80.34 KB
Lesney Tank Transporter

Originally, Matchbox vehicles were originated under the Lesney name. Refer to these fine sites for more information:

Steve Beckett's Vintage Matchbox

Nick & Debbie's Lesney Matchbox Toy collection - also Benbros and others