How to Avoid Delays in Your Home Remodeling Project

Perhaps you have decided it is finally time to remodel your home. Perhaps you want to build a home addition. Well, you’ve made the right choice.  

Deciding to build is the first step of any major home renovation project. However, it is also the part where a lot of homeowners hesitate.  

You want to build a home addition. However, you probably have heard of negative things from other homeowners. This is particularly true when it comes to the project’s timeline.  

One of the biggest problems when it comes to home remodeling projects is delays. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid delays in your home remodeling Des Moines project. Here are some of them: 

Hire the Correct Contractor 

How can you find the right contractor? There are many things to consider when hiring a remodeling contractor for the job.  

Do they have experience with the kind of project you want for your home? For instance, you should not hire a roofer if you’re planning to build a home addition.  

Another thing to consider is the reliability of the contractor. Is he honest? Read reviews online and ask the contractor if they are willing to provide references. Is the contractor qualified? Do you need a licensed professional for your home remodeling project? 

One of the best things you can do to help you find the right contractor is to do your research first.  

Create a Plan 

Most project delays and disruptions usually happen if people do not have a plan. Thus, before you start the project, you’ve got to ensure that the contractor knows what you want.  

To avoid confusion, make sure the contractor has all the details for your project. Keep in mind that if you want to make a plan, you need to include the contractor as well.  

You should expect delays if you’ve got new ideas halfway through the project. Thus, you need to be active during the planning process to ensure you get what you want.  

Acquire the Right Permits 

So, your contractor finally starts doing work. What happens if someone from the city arrives at your home?  

Your remodeling project might be paused if you and your contractor have not paid attention to the building codes of your area and have not acquired the necessary permits.  

You can easily avoid this type of delay. A professional contractor should know updated building codes. They should also acquire all the necessary permits before they start working on the project.  

Create a Clear Timeline for the Project 

A reliable contractor can help create a timeline for your home remodeling project. However, you need to keep in mind that this will not be an accurate timeline. There are a couple of delays that you simply cannot avoid. This includes supply for the materials, a backup at the permit office, unexpected weather conditions, and much more.  

These things can slow down your project even if you have the perfect plan. However, if you’ve got a general idea of the timeline, you can ensure that the contractor will do his best to finish the project on time.  

Tips Before Repainting Your Drywall at Home

There are cases that we want to change the color of our walls. It could be the reason that you are tired of looking at the same color and design. Some parents want to change this because their kids are getting older, and their kids wanted to have a different ambiance. It is easier for us to decide to give them a very nice touch of paint. We believe that we can do this one on our own since it’s about applying the paint. We can save so much money if we’re going to do it by ourselves. 

Remember that it’s essential for you to hire someone professional enough when making decisions like this. It is not because you can see others doing it on their own. Then you can do it yourself. There are some steps and strategies that you have to know for you to achieve the same result. It is not always about saving a lot of money from paying those professional people, but you are paying the guaranteed and the warranty service here. 

When choosing the next color, then you can ask your kids about their very best session. You should know what they want and like about it. It is challenging for you to decide since you are not the one who will use that place. Of course, after that, you have to think about the wall now. It is nice if your wall is made of drywall. This will give you an easier way to apply the pain that you have bought simultaneously. This is your chance to repair any damages that you can see there. 

Others would think that they don’t need to repair or fix that one since they will apply your coat of paint. This is not literally a nice and a good way of maintaining your properties. Remember that there is a chance for the tribal to be damaged, and it will affect the coat of the pain you have applied. If you think that you cannot do it on your own, then those professional people are willing to give their service. Don’t think about your schedule as you can always hire those people anytime you want. 

There are many reasons why we have to repair things before we apply the paint. One is that you have to figure out if there are any cracks or damages on the wall. This will prevent you from suffering new problems again. It is easier for you to fix it since there is no paint right now. You can take a picture of it and ask your friends about what you can do. Suggestions from professional people about drywall repair San Mateo CA are better.  

It will be tough for you to hang your fixtures or decorations on the wall if there are bigger holes or cracks in there. It is a must that you will repair or patch things up on that wall. If you are clueless about what you need to do next, you should check your neighbor and ask them for some suggestions. They might give you some great opinions and recommendations about what you have to do next. 

Steps on How to Build a Home Addition

Home additions are investment. Thus, it should be planned well. Most owners prefer to hire a remodeling contractor to do this, but if you want to personally facilitate the planning, costing and building stage of the addition, here are the steps on how to make a home addition successfully. 



  1. Know your budget and what it includes. Your home addition should respect your budget or else, your pocket will get drained. All phases, materials and labor cost should be computed and budgeted. Take note, the budget should be realistic according to the addition.  
  2. You must have a secure fund. You can have this in cash or through a loan. This should be prepared to guarantee that the project will really be finished and to prevent delays due to finances.  
  3. Hire a contractor. This is one of the most important steps since the contractors you hire will be the one to build you addition. Find a reliable and contractor that you can get along so well. You can ask for recommendations from your family and friends to make sure you hire a good one. Take time to have some meeting for planning and proposals to discuss the project and its time-frame.  
  4. Hire an architect. If your contractor has an in-house contractor well, but if there is none hire one. Architects will customize the design of your addition and will work hand in hand with the contractor.  
  5. Process and get your permit. This is usually done by the contractors as a package to their services but it will not hurt if you ask this in due diligence. This is posted in visible spots of the property. Then they will prepare the site, they will demolish or remove what is needed to start with the addition.   
  6. Start building the foundation. Depending on the design and plan, home additions Des Moines are like new houses where it needs a full-scale foundation. This starts by pouring concrete slab then concrete footers and walls. 
  7. Framing the structure really quick. After the foundation is cured and dried, the framing starts. Framing the structure is fairly quick, in a couple of days; you can almost see how your project looks like.   
  8. Installation of the sheaths, roof, windows and doors. These parts are simultaneously done. Roofing and wall sheathing come first to wrap the house. Then, it is dried in by installing the doors and windows.  
  9. Put up the behind the scenes elements. This includes the pipes, electrical wiring and ductwork. Different technicians will be working like plumbers and electricians. Then it will be validated by the city inspectors if they have installed it according to the codes.  
  10. This is the last part, adding the drywall and the finishing. Dry walling starts with hanging the sheets the fixing the seams through mudding. When it is already dry, they can start with the sanding to finish the drywall. Finishing is done both in the interior and exterior. Interior finishing includes the installation of fixtures, cabinets and ceilings while the exterior includes the painting or fencing if necessary.  

Benefits of Having Hardwood as Your Flooring

Home or commercial renovations, constructions and repairs are very important home improvement activities that everyone should take seriously. If you are constructing, renovating or repairing something, you truly need to involve a lot of your time and efforts for you to have a good result after the renovation, construction or repair. Good results are something that you want to achieve when you do this home improvement services because this involves money and a big part of your life like your own home or your business.  

If you are one of those people who are now undergoing construction, renovation or repairs, never forget to give attention to the flooring of your home or your commercial space because flooring is an element of a building or a home that makes a difference in the whole look of the interior of your space. If you have a bad flooring material or type then you would surely have a hard time in making your space look beautiful since the flooring plays a great role in the entire look of the home. One very nice way to improve the flooring of your space is to make sure that you have a solid hardwood to serve as your flooring. Hardwood Floor Installation  is something that you do not have to go in the ends of the earth for because this is a very popular choice for people who are renovating, constructing or repairing, hence there are now a lot of companies who could offer you with this service.  

Now, what makes solid hardwood flooring the best from any other flooring type out there? If you want to know the answer to this question, read more down below: 


You do not have to exert so much effort in cleaning your flooring out every time because hardwood flooring is very easy to clean since this type of flooring does not attract and store much dust, dirt or any other particles that makes the floor dirty. All you have to do is to whip out your vacuum or your mop to clean it out. Some home owners actually claims that they only clean it once a week as compared to other home owners that have different types of flooring that requires them to clean the flooring every single day 


Hardwood flooring is a very robust material for your floors. This is a very good choice to have for your flooring because this is a very strong material that could last you for so many years after the installation. For commercial spaces, this is a popular demand because it could handle heavy-duty work.  


Hardwood floors are very pleasing to the eyes. If you are looking for a flooring type that will also improve the look of your home, hardwood flooring is your best bet because of the many choices that you have in terms of achieving the look that you like. 


If you sell your home, you will have a better chance of selling it at a higher price if you have hardwood flooring since this is a really good investment. 

If you are constructing, renovating or repairing, hardwood flooring is the best choice for you! 

How to Avoid Hiring an Inept Handyman?

You probably have heard a lot of feedback from other homeowners who’ve got a poor experience from a handyman. Typically, you will hear one of the several various scenarios over and over. However, the reason will always be the same. They didn’t do their research before hiring one.  

If you are in need of handyman services and don’t want to hire an inept one, here are several things that you should do: 

Always Do Your Research 

Conduct a bit of research on the task that you want to be done. You can search these at a couple of home repair sites. You need to know the techniques and methods they’re using for this particular task. In addition to that, there are a lot of online construction groups out there with industry experts who are willing to share with you all the right methods to do the task in hand. After you’ve got the base knowledge, you’ll be ready to ask the correct questions. It will help you get rid of the inept ones if you ask the right questions.  

Don’t Hire Someone Who Claims to Do Anything 

Though a couple of people are extremely talented, there are only some of them who can do them properly. Almost every homeowner thinks that a handyman can remodel the bathroom and replace the roof. However, it isn’t best to hire someone that renovates your bathroom to replace your roof. Usually, an excellent handyman will have a range of skills. However, they can’t do everything. An excellent handyman company will hire workers with different skills to fill the gaps. They’ll assign the ideal person appropriate for the task.  

Make Sure the Price is Reasonable 

Keep in mind that reasonable doesn’t mean cheap. For instance, you will probably question its legitimacy if someone lists their high-end sports car for $5,000. You will probably think that something must be wrong with the vehicle, right?  

This can also be applied to handyman. If the rate of a handyman appears too good to be true, then it probably is. Always keep in mind that a professional worker knows their worth. Quality isn’t cheap. In addition to that, a reliable business isn’t cheap to run. There’s probably a reason if a business is a lot cheaper compared to everyone. If this is the case, you have to ask. Will they be willing to fix the problem if it comes back a month later? How will you know if the company stands by their work?  

Insured and Licensed 

You don’t simply ask them. You have to verify it. Any individual can say that he or she is licensed and bonded. You shouldn’t simply take their word for it if you’re dealing with a company or a person for the first time. It will be too late to verify this if a huge incident already happened in your house. Even if the task is minor, you still have to verify this. Even the smallest task can result in injury or damage. It’s better safe than sorry.