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The Story of Glen Eldon Seeber, who lost his life September 10, 1944

This webpage is dedicated to  Sergeant Glen E. Seeber, Tail Gunner on a B-17 bomber in the 8th Air Force during WWII. Glen lost his life, as did so many others, defending the free nations of the world from the threat of Nazi Germany.

Before the War

Kansas City

Jefferson Barracks, MO

Eau Claire, WI

Santa Anna, CA

Las Vegas, NV

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Navigation Training:
Hondo, TX

Lincoln, NE

Salt Lake City

Alexandria, LA

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Glatton Air Base
B-17 Bombers
Sept 10, 1944

Uncertainty and Mourning



What do those
patches mean?

Other references to the 457th

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Clarence (Frank C.) Seeber
28th Division
103rd FSB


What do those
patches, pins, and other things mean?

There are often Patches and pins found with a veteran, and often the question is, what do they mean?

Below are the meanings of the symbols associated with Glen.

First, what exactly is an aerial gunner, as defined by General Hap Arnold in the Official AAF guide in 1944, an Aerial Gunner "Mans guns; informs pilots of approaching enemy planes; services guns and turrets in flight"

Patch from Glen' uniform: The official Army Air Force insignia. "The insignia was described in regulations as follows: On an ultramarine disk (2-5/8" diameter) is imposed in the lower segment a White Star (1-1/8" point to point) with a red disk superimposed and covering the the entire center of the Star. Surmounting the Star are two stylized wings extending upward and outward at a 45 degree-angle" (
Patch From Glen's uniform: Armament Specialist - power turret, bombsight, munitions, and armament technicians

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Glen's Wings (from photo, above, reproduction, below) - Aerial Gunner. The Official WWII Guide to the AAF (Arnold, 1944) states "Graduates of an AAF Flexible Gunnery school... may wear the badge during such time as they are  assigned as a regular gunner member of an aircrew...". Style varied, there was no such thing as a "standard set of wings". Different manufacturers made different designs, and the gunner purchased what was available, or what appealed to him.

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Sharpshooter Medal - A noted in his letters, one of the side affects of being moved around, and having a lot of time to spend on the shooting range, was the the fact that Glen earned his Sharp Shooter qualification for the pistol. Reproduction shown

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reproduction patch - Army Air Cadet; "circular cloth insignia three inches in diameter with the same design to be worn on the sleeve. A smaller version of the same insignia was worn on the left side of the garrison cap. Photographs show that some cadet wore the aviation cadet insignia in the position of a shoulder sleeve insignia on the left shoulder. There are also aviation cadet insignia with a black rather than blue background." text from: American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations
of World War Two, Created by Dr. Howard G. Lanham

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Winged prop (from Glen's letter head) - symbol of the Army Air Corps

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8th Air Force (reproduction patch) - the one to which Glen was assigned: a.k.a. "The Mighty Eighth"; central star with the 8th symbol with wings.

Glen's Bomb Group, 457th Bomb Group (heavy): The group was named "The Fireball Outfit"
and had a crest of arms with the logo "Fait Accompli".

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Glen's squadron, the 749th: The 749th sported a patch
with the Devil, hurling a bomb groundward
Tail marking from the 457th. Each bomb group had a unique identifier. This was the identifier on the tail of the panes in Glen Seeber's squadron.



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Serial Number: 17166374 Army serial number - The first digit, 1, indicates that that Glen was an enlistee (as opposed to National Guard (2) or draftee (3)). The second digit, 7 corresponds with the geographic area he enlisted. 7 is the plains area, including Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and states North. This, the Seventh Corps area,  covered serial number ranges 17,000,000 to 17,4999,999 (Gawne, 2006)

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Collar tabs - Collar tabs worn by enlisted men, with the winged prop and the U.S. emblem (reproductions shown)

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Cadet Winged prop cap (hat) badge and lapel badge (reproductions)

Other references to the 457th



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In addition to websites and books, you can run across other references to the 457th. Interestingly, planes of the the 457th have been featured by plastic model makers Revell and Monogram, as well as diecast model maker Corgi.

The Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force) also has a restored B-17 which it chose to restore as "Sentimental Journey", a plane of the 457th (
From the web site :"Nose art Betty Grable
Aircraft markings 457th Bomb Group based in Glatton, England, during World War II with the Eighth Air Force"

References, Resources,  and Research


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All EXCELLENT accounts of the 457th. All who have relative who served are indebted to the authors for recording what happened!
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Researching your WWII veteran
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A series of books that looks at the airfields which once blanketed the USA

The SAAAB Story, Miller, Edrik J, 1981 215pp An excellent history of Santa Ana army air bases
We'll Find the Way: The History of Hondo Army Air Field During World War II, Thompson, Robert, Eakin Press, 199, 204 pp A very good summary of the history of Hondo Air base
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Take Your Post, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri

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The Crooked Road to Combat
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The Army Air Forces in WWII, Volume 3: Europe - Argument to VE Day , Craven, Wesley Frank and Cate, James Lea, editors, Office of Air Force History, 1951, 1983, 808pp The official air force history - 7 volumes in total and 10 years  in the making! The war in Europe.

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The Rear Gunner, WWII: Air War, Volume I, National Archives,  Topics Entertainment, Renton, WA, 2006, 26 minutes A film which gives a great overview of the training of an aerial gunner.

The Memphis Belle, WWII: Air War, Volume I, National Archives,  Topics Entertainment, Renton, WA, 2006, 43 minutes A sobering look at the final combat voyage of the Memphis Belle - This is NOT the fictional theatrical release. About the closest you will come to flying a mission.

Expansion to Air Power, WWII: Air War, Volume IV, National Archives,  Topics Entertainment, Renton, WA, 2006, 43 minutes A documentary from early 1944 reviewing the expansion (and challenges) of the AAF from1939 through 1943.

Web Sites - The 457th Bomb Group Association - The best source of information on the web! A. Willard "Hap" Reese's website Diary Of A B-17 Ball Turret Gunner - John Briol, Ball Turrent Gunner in the 457th Web Birds 457th page The Wild Hare - a personal website from another nephew whose uncle flew! Wikipedia's entry on Glatton Airbase War time memories project: Glatton Air Base Modern day images of Glatton Accident - An excellent service for obtaining information on relatives which the US Government bureaucracy seems intent on keeping away from the public. Information on WWII Troopships A website dedicated to the heritage of Jefferson Barracks General information on the USAAF American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations
of World War Two, Created by Dr. Howard G. Lanham and part of by Bob Brown

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields Paul Freeman.

The California State Military Museum: Santa Ana Army Air Base The history of Santa Ana Army Air Base

Fact Sheet:Nellis AFB The history of Nellis AFB, a.k.a Las Vegas Flexible Gunnery School

National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis - US Government Military record center

Google Earth - An amazing tool allowing the tracking of missions and other important geographic areas!