It is extremely simple to lock your vehicle since it basically involves just a touch of a button. But because of the fact that this is easy to do, it is usual to lock your vehicle without paying much attention to the procedure. If you mindlessly lock your vehicle, you could possibly lock yourself out accidentally. Below are some of the tools utilized by expert locksmith to help you get back in your vehicle. 

Probes and wedges 

Wedging your vehicle’s door open and using a probe to unlock is it the most typical way to get inside your vehicle. A car wedge is a flexible and soft rubber piece that is similar to a doorstop in homes. An air wedge is an inflatable bag, which is slid into the doorway and then inflated. These wedge types are both known as harmless to your vehicle once utilized by an expert, however, both could lead to damage if it’s not correctly utilized.  

 Meanwhile, probes come in different kinds since not all vehicle locks are similar. If your lock is a horizontal pushbutton, it is enough to have a simple rod. For vertical pushbutton panel or sliding lock, a hook would be the best option. Also, a hook could be utilized to remove keys. But for old-fashion upright locks, a lasso tool will be needed most. Despite what the selected probe is, the door should be wedged open wide enough to get the probe in without harming or scratching your vehicle.  

Closed Doorway Tools 

Just like what its name means, a closed doorway tool doesn’t need the door to be wedged open. Rather, the tool will be slipped between the weather stripping and the window glass. Similar to probes, closed doorway tools also have various types depending on the kind of locks you have, 

Your vehicle door has electronic and wiring components inside that can be harmed by a closed doorway tool. Hence, you should only leave these tools to be handled by professional locksmiths. Generally, the probe and wedge method is known as superior since there’s a reduced chance for your door to be damaged if used incorrectly. 


This is usually prevalent for vehicles compared to homes. However, If your vehicle is already an older version, it can possibly work. Various vehicles have distinct lock types, which includes wafer locks, tumbler locks, and pin locks. Hence, different lockpicking equipment is necessary. 

Meanwhile, if you own new versions of the vehicle, lockpicking is less likely to work since your vehicle has a transponder chip, which communicates with the onboard computer of the vehicle. Without a transponder, lockpicking will basically serve as a fake key. The computer of the car will anticipate that the key is fake. Meaning, it won’t let the lock to open. 

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